UNICOOP Partner Enterprises

The National Cooperative Union UNICOOP constantly acts parallel with several other companies and cooperatives that deal with sectors such as insurance, fuel, utilities, finance and agricultural technology.

UNICOOP ventures

Unicoop constantly works and invests with partner companies such as: Fábrica Formuladora de Agroquímicos in conjunction with Agrolatina S.A. Another venture is the enterprise created in Brazil by Paraguayan importers and exporters called Unexpa Ltd. Furthermore ACIC S.A. is dedicated to improving genetics and swine production strains.

UNICOOP Products

Unicoop, alongside other agricultural companies develop products for producing partners. Products like Golden Coop Oil, an emulsional vegetable oil and Pilatus Fungicide, both products of UNICOOP.


Firma del convenio Unicoop y Gobierno Paraguayo


Expo Mis Vacaciones

Expo Mis Vacaciones

8, 9 y 10 de noviembre 2013

1º Expo ConstruActiva 2013

1º Expo ConstruActiva 2013



New Unicoop facilities.

This will be the new headquarters of Unicoop Ltd.

In this place we will have a brand new shopping center, where we will have several areas of trade, financial, gastronomic and laser.

Aiming thus gather in one place all that society needs to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere for the family and also to do their business.

Shortly we will be inaugurating the facilities .

UNEXPA - Paraguayan Exporters Union

UNEXPA is a strategic alliance between national companies focused on logistics and commercial developments.

He was born due to the need to provide integrated transport logistics to Paraguayan exporters, adding value by reducing costs, ensuring quality certified products, expanding access to markets and contacting potential buyers.

Agrolatina S.A.

Is a Paraguayan company created to industrialize foliar fertilizers and agrochemical adjuvants generally why they unite with the intention of joining efforts to carry out the development of the industrial project.

Unicoop is a Cooperative whose principal activity is to work alongside other associated Agro-Production Cooperatives located in different regions of the country.