SEAM delivers recognition plaques to the representatives of the productive sector for the support during the year 2016.

Minister of the SEAM talks with the private sector in order to assess weaknesses and improve sustainable development as a commitment to the environment at national and international levels.


Launch of the Green Bag Project

The National Central of Cooperatives UNICOOP through the Environmental Committee socialized on Tuesday, November 22 the project called Bolsa Verde, which seeks the implementation of sustainable production with a strong emphasis on environmental care, the application of good Agricultural practices and the need to produce certified biomass in order to contribute to mitigating the impact of agricultural production on natural resources, population and climate change.


Event of launching of products of Marca Produquimica

Unicoop seeks the introduction of new alternatives, through the production and industrialization that allow to increase the added value of the products of its associates. In this way we discover a company with more than 50 years of experience in knowledge, research and development in high technology of plant nutrition, PRODUQUIMICA AGRO, whose alliance and representation we all celebrate today in this event. This means that we are facing a new commercial stage through the acquisition of new representations of products, this way we will be providing cooperatives with innovative and high technology products that will make the difference in the field and consequently increasing the production capacity . With the alliance UNICOOP and PRODUQUIMICA we will be transmitting to the farmers all the knowledge in research, technology, production potential and the differential of work developed by this company of trajectory.


Global Grain South American 2016.

Paraguay in this event was represented by our managers Unicoop, Unexpa and Cooperatives of the productive sector.


Green Manures - Benefits of use.

Green manures - Benefits of use: Features to be met. Its use as ground cover for direct seeding. Which green manure plant in Autumn and Winter. Which green manure plant in Spring and Summer.


It is possible to produce soy reducing the use of agrochemicals.

A producer of Santa Fe Parana, share with producers through UNISOL, the experience gained using the acid Pyro ligneous in soybean cultivation.


SOY SUR - 1ª. Soy International Convention in Paraguay

SOY SUR, APS is an initiative of the Association of Producers of Soy, Grains and Oilseeds Paraguay. APS is an association of common good, non-profit, and industry association to which individuals and companies who share the same vision, are associated the same aims and objectives, regardless of nationality, religion, creed, opinion or political affiliation.