24/09/2014 11:21

ABITRIGO visit producers of wheat in Paraguay

The invitation CAPECO, with the support of Unexpa SA and Unicoop Ltda., The Brazilian Association of Wheat Industry (ABITRIGO) held from 22 to 24 August, the second round of visits to producers of wheat from Paraguay.

  • Harvest wheat field.

Under the coordination of the technical advisory ABITRIGO participated swivel in Paraguay: owners, directors and managers of milling industries, which account for more than half of Brazilian imports of cereal.

The group visited the wheat fields and Cooperatives in order to assess the quality of the grain harvest 2013/2014.

On September 24 held a wheel of business with representatives of milling wheat producers and cooperatives in Santa Rita, the headquarters of the Central Cooperative Ltda Unicoop companies.

And in terms of work ending with a socializing among participants, offered by Unexpa SA.