11/11/2014 15:36

Coop. Agraria - Travel on 10.30.14, the Youth Network Unicoop.

Purpose of Travel: understand the functioning of an industrial cooperative and share related cooperative world knowledge, exchange experiences among young people who are mostly children of farmers.

  • Youth Network - Unicoop.

We briefly describe how it is organized Agraria Cooperative:

The Agraria is an agribusiness cooperative located in the district of Entre Rios in Guarapuava (PR). The main crops produced by the cooperative are soybeans, corn, wheat and barley. The commodity value is added by the business units Malte Land, Land Flour, Animal Nutrition, Seeds, Land and Bran Oil and Grits and Flakes

To support production, Agraria Cooperative has its own energy mix, logistics structure that comprises three storage units (), and a modern central laboratory that performs analyzes at all stages of the production chain.

Given its commitment to the future, the Agraria still invests in education, preservation of culture and the health and welfare of the community by investing in the College Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina, Swabian-Brazilian and Hospital Pharmacy and Cultural Foundation.