30/05/2013 15:27

Deputies refuse to tax the export of grain.

The House on Wednesday rejected a bill taxing the export of soybeans, corn, wheat and sunflower without processing up to 10 percent.

After being rejected in Deputies, the bill returns to the House of origin, the Senate, where lawmakers must be ratified or reject the document.

This project, which has partially approved by the Senate, is questioned by producers allege that the law would benefit only multinationals that process 60 percent of grains and only export 40 percent, which is calculated tax, as the document states Deputies rejected.

Other projects such as the Union of Unions of Production (PMU) promote the application of a 10 percent tax on profits.

It joins the project amending the Income Tax to Agricultural Activities (Imagro), driven by the Treasury, which proposes that taxes are settled based on three categories: producers with incomes up to G. 500 million, another of G. 500 million to G. 1.000 million, and last, of G. 1.000 million up.

10/04/2013 - Source Journal Ultima Hora, http://blogs.ultimahora.com.py/notas/613198-Diputados-rechaza-impuesto-a-la-exportacion-de-granos