30/05/2013 16:01

Minister of Finance spoke to the producers and entrepreneurs in Santa Rita.

The Finance Minister, Manuel Ferreira Brusquetti made a masterful display in place of the CTG - Indian Jose, as part of the commemorative events of Expo 2013 Santa Rita. The event, organized by Banco Itaú and ADM, he served as Secretary of State to present public policy and economic development plans social and environmental as well as to reduce the volatility of our economy.

During his presentation, said that this year's growth is expected in a 13% of GDP, one of the highest rates in the world. On this point, asked the diversification of production, investment in irrigation, forestry, fruit production for this growth does not falter. He urged entrepreneurs and producers to make use of electrical power is abundant and clean.

He recalled that, in the electricity sector of Alto Paraná, Canindeyú already have reversed in 104 million dollars in various substations, lines and power lines, and that, by 2015, according to estimates, Paraguay is the country with the most this surplus energy.

The economy minister was against taxing grain exports, explaining that this will discourage production. "That is why, for the first time a minister, to propose a law to charge a retainer soybean exports leaves against it.'s Difficult to finance a minister who does not want to raise taxes," he said.

In his speech, he also mentioned that now is the time to enjoy our youth randomly called "demographic dividend", otherwise we are doomed to be poor for the rest of the story.

Do not forget that on January 17 Paraguay made its first broadcast in the history of sovereign bonds in international financial markets. The bonus came with the lowest rate of 4,628 as a fee, which is allowing foreign investors to set eyes on our country. "You have to use it as individuals, and private, have to make use of that capital," he insisted.