20/11/2012 16:39

YOUTH NETWORK - Production Cooperatives of Paraguay

YOUTH NETWORK - Visit to La Paz and Cooperative Union in Argentina and participation in the National Youth Gathering.

  • Coop. La Paz - Cordoba - Argentina


Visit the General Agricultural Cooperative Peace of Marcos Juarez City. First there was a table discussion with officials and members of the youth group, then introduced the Agricultural Department who commented on planted areas, times, agrochemicals, fertilizers used, the GPS measurement system and the quality of its soil . Finally there was a tour of the facilities of the Cooperative.

Visit the Cooperative Union of the City of Justinian Pose. We conducted a panel discussion where ideas and projects were presented to the local cooperative future and ours. They showed us their facilities and visited their factory balanced "Animal Nutrition, San Marcos."

In the National Youth Gathering in the city of the Skirt. Developed two topics: "The challenge of the Young to 10 years and how to achieve impact in the middle", lectured by Dr. Raul Motta and "young leader's position on this issue" by senior lectured Central Youth Council. They presented their life stories, the joys and challenges they faced to get the position they are occupying within cooperatives they represent. After the presentations we worked on committees with different themes.

Tabling and work and projects that were prepared in committee on Thursday afternoon. Discussion and conclusions of the work group led by Dr. Raul Motta. Swap space. Queen Dinner and Election of Central Council of Youth.